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Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Cost Accounting)
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Stefan Ignatovski, P.

Try Udemy for Business. Understand the flow of costs. Distinguish between various types of costs. Understand the concepts of costing a product. Use absorption and Variable Costing. Stefan Ignatovski, P.

Includes Process Costing, ABC Systems, Variance Analysis, Cash Budgets and more. Try Udemy for Business. Understand Cost Drivers and Cost Driver Activity. Define Fixed and Variable Costs and Create Cost Functions. Use Regression Analysis using the Least Squares Method. Apply Activity Based Costing to Product Costs. Allocate Support Department Costs using the Direct, Step-Down and Reciprocal Method. Apply Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis (Break-Even Points).

The documents, which communicate these findings about the performance of an organisation in monetary terms, are called financial statements.

Peter Brewer and Ray Garrison and Eric Noreen. Its manageable chapters and clear presentation point students toward understanding, just as the needle of the compass provides direction to travelers. However, the book's authors also understand that everyone's destination may be different.

ISBN 978-87-7681-491-5. Download free ebooks at bookboon. 2. .

profit or loss), its financial position (. This goal cannot be achieved without a mechanism to monitor the performance of the organization. Performance measurement may be carried out along both financial (.

Understand the importance of upholding ethical standards.

How to record and classify costs. How to use spreadsheets.

Study business or finance at school or college. Launch your own start-up. More about this course. Skip What you'll learn. How to record and classify costs. Expand what you'll learn.

Welcome to the Management Accounting Crash Course, which will provide you with 46 video lessons that span over 7 hours of content (including quizzes to help test your knowledge). Follow along as I explain the basics and fundamental concepts like cost drivers, the cost function, break-even points, journal entries, joint costing, budgets and more! Managerial Accounting is the study of internal financial information that can influence decision-making. It’s the follow up course to Financial Accounting, that can prove to be more difficult for students. We designed the course to act as a perfect supplement for those taking Managerial/Management Accounting in University or College. We’ll walk you through the theory, providing examples and questions that will keep you engaged.
The first part of the course will cover:
Cost Measurement and Cost Behavior
The Design of Cost Functions
Fixed Costs, Variable Costs and Mixed Costs
Break-Even Analysis
Handling Direct and Indirect Costs
The second part will cover:
Process Costing, and Production Reports using Weighted Average and FIFO.
Activity-Based Costing for Overhead Costs
Preparing Cash Budgets
Variance Analysis
Support Departments: Direct, Step-Down and Reciprocal Method
And much more!
“I fully attribute me passing the BEC portion of the CPA exam from your videos. Without your easy to learn managerial accounting tutorials, I would never have understood the concepts. I especially thought your videos on variance analysis were exceptional. Thank you so much for everything!” – Spencer S.
“Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for posting such great videos on YouTube. I believe that they were the reason I just passed my very difficult accounting exam! They were very easy to watch and easy to follow. I appreciate your work!” – Alana M.
“This guy has the best Mgmt Accounting tutorial videos. He understands the concepts and can explain them in the easiest and most engaging way. Thank you.” – Karen K.
“Great Course for being introduced to Fundamentals of Management Accounting. Dave does a good job at explaining concepts filled in with examples.” – Imran S.
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University Students
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Udemy - Introduction to Managerial Accounting Cost Accounting