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In the story, a team of NASA in 2035 reaches Mars on a mission to find life.

In the story, a team of NASA in 2035 reaches Mars on a mission to find life. While they meet an accident, the protagonist Mark Watney (Matt Damon in Movie) survives and with all of his supplies end in few days, he sets a real example of powerful survival instinct. He finally makes it back to the earth after a rescue team eventually finds him. There is a lot which you are going to read. Most of the people talk about the movie which was adapted from the book but what should be really talking about is how amazing the book is.

Strona główna The martian scarecrow. Obrazek jest niedostępny. The martian scarecrow.

The martian scarecrow.

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Mars was a distant shore, and the men spread upon it in wave. Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles is a classic work of twentieth-century literature whose extraordinary power and imagination remain undimmed by time's passage.

Mars was a distant shore, and the men spread upon it in wave. ach wave different, and each wave stronger. In connected, chronological stories, a true grandmaster once again enthralls, delights and challenges us with his vision and his heart-starkly and stunningly exposing in brilliant spacelight our strength, our weakness, our folly, and our poignant humanity on a strange and breathtaking world where humanity does not belong. Sci-fi & Fantasy Fiction Psychological Classic Sci-fi Space Opera.

The Martians guard their mysteries well, but they are decimated by the diseases that arrive with the rockets. Bradbury is a master fantasist and The Martian Chronicles are an unforgettable work of art. Colonists appear, most with ideas no more lofty than starting a hot-dog stand, and with no respect for the culture they’ve displaced. Bradbury’s quiet exploration of a future that looks so much like the past is sprinkled with lighter material. In The Silent Towns, the last man on Mars hears the phone ring and ends up on a comical blind date.

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The Martian Scarecrow by Iman K.F. EPUB
Desperately searching for a better life...
Despite amazing technological advancements, life in the 2050s hasn’t become any easier. Rustin struggles to find his calling amid poverty, geopolitical tensions, and a world where one must compete for even the most basic jobs against both fellow humans and AI machines. All he knows for sure is that there’s a better life out there, and he’s willing to leave home to find it.
Only, this means trusting a cryptic group of smugglers and raising more money than he’s ever owned - by any means necessary.
Arrest and fear of deportation aren’t his only concerns. A guilty conscience feels like an even greater threat. Oddly enough, Rustin’s journey eventually lands him a bizarre job on Mars, the possible future home to all humankind. He never would’ve imagined he’d end up in such a peculiar role - a scarecrow - on another planet, the very same job he’d always thought of as useless growing up on his parents’ farm.
All he has to do is survive the job for two years. Not an easy task, considering his troubled past and all the challenges a foreign planet decides to throw his way. But if Rustin can finish his term, his employer, Xsociety, has promised to fund his Brain-Link, the enhancement that will take him one step closer to the life he’s always envisioned.
Who would’ve thought that here, on a foreign planet, doing a job usually taken by a pole and a bundle of straw, Rustin would find himself and something even more valuable: a purpose.
The Martian Scarecrow is a compelling coming-of-age sci-fi book, full of emotion, strife, and - most important of all - heart.
...he finds something far more unusual, and with it a purpose.

The Martian Scarecrow by Iman K F EPUB