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1. Introduction to the World of React_
  • 01.The Course Overview.mp4 (39.5 MB)
  • 02.Thinking in React.mp4 (29.6 MB)
  • 03.Start Using React Right away.mp4 (17.4 MB)
  • 04.Local React Dev Environment Setup with create-react-app.mp4 (18.0 MB)
  • 05.Building Our First Custom React Component.mp4 (319.7 MB)
  • 06.Using State and Conditional Rendering in JSX.mp4 (167.6 MB)
  • 07.Using React Dev Tools to Help Build and Debug Our Apps.mp4 (50.6 MB)
2. Dive into Interactive React Apps_
  • 08.Handle Mouse, Keyboard, Form, and Browser Events.mp4 (300.2 MB)
  • 09.Basic Form Validation.mp4 (156.4 MB)
  • 10.Create a Shopping List Component.mp4 (136.4 MB)
  • 11.Persist Shopping List State with Local Storage.mp4 (161.6 MB)
3. Modular React Components and Shared State_
  • 12.Overview -Mini Address Book App.mp4 (2.4 MB)
  • 13.Use Stateful and Stateless Components to Build UIs.mp4 (12.6 MB)
  • 14.Pass Props Down to Nested Components.mp4 (10.1 MB)
  • 15.Update Parent Component State from a Child Component.mp4 (8.9 MB)
  • 16.Persist Address Book State with Local Storage.mp4 (12.6 MB)
  • 17.Intro to Hooks.mp4 (9.0 MB)
  • 18.Implement the useState and useEffect.mp4 (23.0 MB)
4. Multi-Page React Apps with React Router_
  • 19.Overview - Multi-Page React App.mp4 (2.5 MB)
  • 20.React Router 5 Setup and Configuration.mp4 (102.3 MB)
  • 21.Handle Dynamic URL Values, and Error State.mp4 (14.9 MB)
  • 22.Convert Render Props into Components.mp4 (16.4 MB)
  • 23.Conditionally Render Components, Redirects.mp4 (23.7 MB)
5. Fetch Data from Third-Party APIs_
  • 24.Overview - React App + Star Wars API.mp4 (11.9 MB)
  • 25.Fetch DATA from swapi.co.mp4 (18.8 MB)
  • 26.Extract Logic into Separate Components.mp4 (21.8 MB)
  • 27.Fetch Data Based on URL_Route.mp4 (21.4 MB)
  • 28.Persist API Data in Local Storage.mp4 (21.2 MB)
6. Prepare and Deploy React Apps to Production_
  • 29.Build React App to Optimize for Production.mp4 (12.2 MB)
  • 30.Deploy to Netlify - Drag and Drop.mp4 (13.6 MB)
  • 31.Deploy to Netlify - Command Line.mp4 (18.4 MB)
  • 32.Deploy to Netlify - Continuous Deployment.mp4 (90.1 MB)
  • 33.What’s Next Eject from CRA, More Hosting Options.mp4 (80.3 MB)
Exercise Files
  • code_37493.zip (327.8 KB)


By: Lasha Krikheli
Released: 29 Apr 2019 (New Release!)
Torrent Contains: 40 Files, 8 Folders
Course Source: https://www.packtpub.com/web-development/learning-react-video
Build beautiful, modern, and modularized UIs with React’s latest version
Video Details
ISBN 9781789612684
Course Length 2 hours 33 minutes
Table of Contents
• Introduction to the World of React
• Dive into Interactive React Apps
• Modular React Components and Shared State
• Multi-Page React Apps with React Router
• Fetch Data from Third-Party APIs
• Prepare and Deploy React Apps to Production
• Build interactive and responsive components.
• Build multi-page web apps with URL routing.
• Use third-party APIs, Libraries, and React components to boost productivity.
• Master different ways to quickly prototype and experiment in React.
• Manage the state of components and web apps.
• Use React dev tools to help debug and optimize your code during development.
• Deploy React apps to production.
Want to make the process of building modular, reusable user interface components simple and intuitive? React.js is the answer, with its Learn Once, Write Anywhere approach. This course will help you understand the power behind this approach and build beautiful, modern, and modularized UIs with React’s latest version.
This course will cover all of the React.js basics such as its API, which will help you create elements and components; the virtual DOM and the JSX syntax extension; using state; working with browser events; and component lifecycle methods. You will build an application from scratch throughout the course and use the knowledge you've gained in a practical way. You will also learn to update various elements of a site or application seamlessly without delay, without disrupting the rest of the display or requiring the user to refresh. Also, get introduced to the new concept of hooks.. Finally, you will work with a server API to persist data using local storage.?(Note that we use Node.js 10.13.0 for this course, which will run successfully with the React features we cover.)
By the end of the course, you will be fully capable of using ReactJ.js tools to build several UI elements, making them reactive to user input, and extending your knowledge of DOM manipulation to customize your own UIs in the future.
The Github repo for this course is:? https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Learning-React
Style and Approach
We start from scratch, learning about what React is and how it’s different from traditional JavaScript development via the DOM. Lessons start with simple one-off components to demonstrate and practice using the concepts and features of React. We then move on to combining and nesting multiple components on a single page, and sharing data between components. Once we’re able to manipulate sample datasets, we'll start pulling in data from third-party APIs and then add URL routing to create a dynamic multi-page application. These will reflect real-world scenarios. Our goal is to gradually build our confidence and knowledge in working with a React application environment
• Understand the core concepts involved in thinking and structuring code in React.
• Jump straight into any React project.
• Use tools and resources to accomplish your goals.
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