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Write well-structured jQuery-based applications.

com Plus bonus reference materials.

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It's the real ultimate guide to Angular! I highly recommend it. Thank you for all your contributions to the Angular community.

He authored the highly popular AngularJS styleguide, and now focuses on helping others master Angular through Ultimate Courses, blog articles, conference talks and workshops. He has been a Google Developer Expert for more than 5 years, specializing in Angular and Web Technologies  . It's the real ultimate guide to Angular! I highly recommend it.

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Whether you are looking to switch your careers and become a full-time programmer, OR you just want to try your hand at building some cool applications or are just seeking to round out your skill set – learning to code in JavaScript And JQuery will be a pretty good way to go about it. Programming is one of the fastest growing and lucrative profession in today's high-tech age. No wonder, a lot of people are jumping into this profession in droves. But the amazing thing is that industry's appetite to employ more and more engineers is only growing. The demand is way too high to fill this gap. Which is why companies are ready to pay higher and higher salaries and hourly rates for these skills. Do you want to join the high-tech industry and be part of this IT revolution? Do you want to go from no previous programming experience - to be a confident programmer who can code in one of the most popular programming languages in the world? Do you want to earn high 5-figure or 6-figure salaries as a seasoned software engineer? If your answer is YES – then you have come to the right place. This course does not assume any prior programming or coding experience. It has been designed from the ground up – to take you through a spectrum of concepts, terms, and paradigms to give you a solid understanding of what Java programming is all about. What the Interactive JavaScript & jQuery course offers to you? You get to write JS-based code that allows users to interact with web pages, e.g. validate form data. Be familiar with the JavaScript language syntax and applications Be able to define and use JavaScript variables, functions, arrays, and objects. You get to learn event-handling with JavaScript. You learn the document-object model (DOM), and how to manipulate it in JavaScript and jQuery. Search for data in JSON-based database. Write well-structured jQuery-based applications. Why Java? Java has been growing in popularity especially in the enterprise software sector. Over the years, it has been proven to be a mature, robust and very versatile programming platform. The language designers have added tons of features to the language which makes it very efficient and fun to code in Java. Java has the advantage of ubiquity. If you program for a living, you're probably going to come across Java sooner or later. Java is showing up in all sorts of places: You can write Java servlets that run on Apache and many other web servers. You can write applets that run in the browsers that most of the world uses. Java programs can run seamlessly on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. In fact, Java is also supported on many embedded and mobile platforms. Java has a huge community support behind it. From fully functionality IDEs (like the one we will use in this course) – to robust frameworks, the Java open source community has contributed a lot to make the Java ecosystem a very compelling platform to build applications. The demand for coders, programmers, and professionals who have experience with Java programming language has been growing steadily over the last few years. The salaries and consulting rates for these skills have also been rising and are only bound to go up as the demand for these skills remains steady or increases.
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Oreilly - Ultimate Guide To Interactive JavaScript And jQuery FreeCourseWeb