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The latest book by Dragan Glavasic!
AUTHOR: Dragan Glavasic
TYPE: philosophy
PAGES: 615
LABEL: Odin & Thor Publishing
FORMAT: eBook [pdf]
ISBN: 978-86-911841-1-7
SOURCE: original CD
PREPARED BY: TeNNeT and Wexller (sons of Odin, Perun, Dagda, Zeus and Jupiter) Revolutionary HQ
INSTRUCTIONS: Use Acrobat Reader to read the eBooks. Enjoy!
SYNOPSIS: Dragan Glavasic studied mathematics and philosophy in the United States... This is his latest book. It deals with reality and the most essential questions of philosophy. But unlike other books, this book, actually, offer profound answers and original solutions to the ancient problems.
Philosophy & Thoughts
The book is a remarkable collection of philosophical and other essays (almost 100 texts) in English and/or Serbian language. This large book (615 pages) was written from 1990 [when the author was still living in USA] till 2010. It deals with various subjects and fields, mostly of philosophy (such as: ethics, philosophy of politics, ontology, revolutionary philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, metaphysics) but also of art, physics, politics, law, religion, sociology, economy, as well as the profound discussion on the subject of various problems and evils of society at large. Overall, this book is a significant condemnation of contemporary society, hence, the insidious and horrifying injustice and genocide that is being systematically perpetrated under the false pretenses of “human rights”, “equality”, “justice”, “humane society”, “positive discrimination (or so called affirmative action)”, “hate speech” and “political correctness”.
1. Ascertaining the Intellectual Horizon
2. The Cosmic Tree
3. Keepers of the Flame
4. Space and Time
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Glavasic - Philosophy & Thoughts pdf eBook-English